Can you believe it? It’s the end of the year and I literally waited until December 30th at 7:40 pm to begin this final post of the year. Why did I wait? Because I couldn’t get my thoughts together and wrap it around everything that happened in 2017.

2017 started off like most of my years, with excitement and fun stuff. In January I celebrated my business, EWS Consulting & Strategies, LLC. I was official, and I still am. I was so excited, I just knew that this year was going to be something amazing right, I knew that there were some surprises in store, and boy was there.

The first 6 months of the year, I worked as normal, I worked my businesses, attempted to gain clients for both It Works and EWS, I was flowing and glowing, so I thought. My aunt told me that this was my Jesus year and my cousin told me the same thing.  My cousin, however, went a little further and told me it was the year she was stretched and she was forever thankful to turn 34. Welp, it’s like I turned 33 and life started to take off.

“Jesus died at 33, I died from my old self.”

I worked in Corporate America for 12 years, 12 years…12 long years!!!! I retired. Trust me when I tell you, it was a God-thing, not a Jocey thing. My job began to drain me and I remember sitting in the conference room one day with my manager, who happened to also be a really good friend of mine. Her words to me, made me cry, almost immediately. She said “Jocelyn I have never seen you like this before, you are negative, you don’t look like yourself, what’s going on? I love you and I’m concerned.”

I broke. I cried. Hot tears, with relief, poured down my face. “I’m tired, I can’t take this place anymore and it’s draining me. I’m tired of fighting for my worth, I’m tired of being overlooked and told how smart I am, I’m tired. I’m drained. And I definitely didn’t mean to cry.”

You see during this time, God was dealing with me in so many different areas of my life. He was stretching me and forcing me to see myself.  I was like a glow stick, God was breaking me down on every level so my light could fully shine.

The year of singleness

Girl, I was single all year long. And it was great. It was great because I got to know me, the broken and healed me. The me that was growing and glowing. The me who decided I’m not going to just be a girlfriend but the me who said “It’s time to prepare to be someone’s wife”

I tell people often I never wanted to have a whole lot of kids but I always dreamed of my wedding.  I like marriage, it’s ministry. I knew at an early age I wanted my wedding to be a certain way but I didn’t know at a young age what I needed to do to get to that point. I didn’t realize at that age that marriage is more than just saying “I do” and loving someone, it is full ministry. It would require me to be closer to God. So I worked on that.

I’m sure you thought I was going to tell you that I’m now engaged…naw. I’m still happily single and working on becoming a wife and not a girlfriend. I still have some broken pieces God is still perfecting for my glow up.

And then there is business

I walked away from my Corporate world thinking I had it all planned out for my 1st day at work. I slept for two whole days. Y’all I was tired!!!

I started to push through my days, trying to do everything “they” told me to do and how many of you know sometimes listening to “they” will delay you in so many ways. I took a leap and I got a mentor. I paid for the course, I signed up for the elite group and y’all. I’m flourishing in it all!!

I wrote a book, Life, Love and The Pursuit of Purpose, launched Purposed Discussions, spoke at my first conference, All the King’s Daughters hosted by The CEO Circle, a speaker at my first Virtual Summit and connected just today with an amazing group of women from The Flourish Society where I was a panelist. And get this, all of this happened in the last few months of the year. Why?

I got in alignment!

After I left what was comfortable I was forced to do some things I never thought I would do. I was a caregiver almost instantly. I had to be a shoulder and support system. I got to be the mom I wanted to be to my son. And I also started to focus on me. I read more books, I prayed more and I listened.

I changed my morning routine when I decided to read The Miracle Morning.  This alone has caused a great change in my life. All of what I had to do and work with in 2017, bore fruit at the end of the year because I finally got into alignment with my purpose. I had to be broken all over again a few times in order to fully walk like I needed too.


Tomorrow night, many of us will be sitting at church, standing in the club, home with our families or at a friends home for their annual NYE party, no matter where we are will all say the same thing at 12 am…Happy New Year.

As I reflected on 2017, my heart is full. It’s full of joy and thankfulness because I entered my Jesus year thinking unsure of what was going to happen and amazing things happened. I had a tragedy but God turned that around quickly. I now have 4 months left and I’m over the hump. The girl who cried those hot salty tears in a conference room on the 7th floor, she doesn’t exist anymore. I mean the shell is still here, but the inside, well that’s different.

I no longer look at obstacles as obstacles but opportunities. Opportunities to grow and learn, opportunities of transition and strength.  When I cry, I cry because life is happening or I can’t hear my own self think and I have to take a few days off to get it together. I cry when I’m not in alignment and have allowed extra voices to enter that no longer belong.

In 2018, I’m fully committed to me first. This means I’m committed to my morning routine of prayer, meditation, affirmation, exercise and reading. As long as I commit to me first, I can give to my son, family, friends and business.  I can be more successful, I can focus better on life. I will have more time for the things that matter most.

2018 in a Word

We hear people often say they have a word for the year. 2017, my word was Purposed. I learned my purpose in it’s full capacity and began to walk in it. I mean walk in it. I learned that I’m purposed to help others define their purpose and be free of those burdens that hold them back from being who they were called to be. I knew I was here to help people 100% be purposeful and full of life. for 2018, I’m still in that groove but I’ve been given a new word.

Servant Leadership

We pray and say we want to be like Jesus. Well walking in my Jesus year, I’m learning to serve and lead, just like Jesus did. I have a strong desire to serve those around me, I’m a natural giver. And as I take time to study and read, God brings up Servant Leadership more than ever before. I’m ready for it!

My prayer for you is that you take 2018 by the horns. You run with zeal and accomplish all of your goals, not resolutions, GOALS. I pray you open your heart and ears to God and allow Him to guide you through this thing called life. I pray your success brings you joy and God blesses you in ways you never imagined. I pray, that 2018 is the most prosperous year you’ve ever had and it changes your life and propels to your next level. I pray Amos 9:13-15 and Job 8:7 over you life, your latter will be greater and it will happen quickly. I pray these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Happy New Year!!

Until next time…

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