Day 49

To Whom Has God Called You?

Praying for Purpose for Women

Katie Brazelton

I believe that God has a call on all of our lives it’s up to us to answer the call or ignore it.  I’ve learned in my 32 years of life I would much rather answer than run.  Why? It’s easier. It’s so much easier to say “Yes” than to struggle and be in places you don’t want to be. What do you mean?

Have you ever felt completely unsettled doing what you want to do or what is expected of you by family, friends and society? You took the job with more money instead of what you really wanted to do? When you are with the youth at church you get a sense of completeness and wholeness like you can do this all day? But you are stuck in a job you never wanted to be in because it paid more?

Sometimes what God calls us to do isn’t always what we want to do, we…, we have to get out of our own way and live the life God has intended for us. He may have called you to teach or preach but because you didn’t see it you became a banker. Well darling, you can still answer the call on your life.  Maybe your teaching will come in a different arena, like bible study, webinars or part-time tutoring.

It’s an amazing feeling to do what God has called you to do because in that time while you are following his will for your life he ensures you are well taken care of and you have all you need (Philipians 4:19).

God’s call on our lives was placed there even before we were formed in our mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). Many times we don’t quite understand what our call is or how we are going to get there. Do you know what our call is today?

Journal Entry:

  • What have you been called to do?
  • If you don’t know ask God, pray, fast and meditate on his goodness and he will reveal it to you.
  • Do you think you know but not sure? Write down the things that feel natural to you, that allow you to be you and focus fully on God and serving his people.


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