Day 53

Starting Today, How Can You Better Prepare For God’s Purpose For Your Life?

Praying for Purpose for Women

Katie Brazelton

Prepare: make something ready for use or consideration

When walking in your purpose with Christ we have to daily seek him, commune with him and spend time with Him. Why? Preparing for purpose is a daily task. Yes it’s a daily, you have to work towards it daily. As it evolves you evolve. As you push towards greater in life your purpose begins to grow but you have to prepare for each step.

In this devotion we meet Mary Lance and in her preparation for purpose she daily spends time with God through prayer & journaling.

“The best preparation is a way of life that moves you towards holiness”

Mary suggests journaling what God says to you and gives you during your time with him. Start your morning with God and end the day with him and not harboring sin.

In Matthew 25, we read of 10 virgins preparing for their Bridegroom. Five of the ten were responsible, prepared and ready; they had oil for their lamps and were able to wait until the Bridegroom came. The other five were irresponsible and unprepared. They tried to get oil from the prepared virgins who in turned told them no, they will need to go purchase oil on their own. As they went to purchase their oil, the Bridegroom came. They missed their opportunity.

You never know when you will be pulled into your purpose or use your gifts because of this it is important to always be prepared. As you go about your day and God speaks something to you, record it in a notepad, journal or send yourself an email. Be intentional about your time with God because he will instill in you all you need, want and desire.

Journal Entry:

Read Matthew 25:1-13

Ask yourself are you apart of the five prepared or the five unprepared?

Depending on the group you are apart of write out how you are preparing daily or how you can prepare better for your purpose.

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