Day 54

What Are You Happy About? What Brings You Joy?

Praying for Purpose for Women

Katie Brazelton

“I just want to be happy”

How many times have we heard that statement? Whether it’s coming from our lips or coming into our ears from friends, family or passerbyers. Most people want that constant temporary feeling of being happy. Yes, you read that right, constant temporary feeling.

Happiness happens when something actually happens.

Happiness doesn’t stay for the long haul, no, it is temporary. Joy. Yeah Joy lasts for years. Joy is strength. Joy also takes effort to achieve, but the effort you put in will give you a long lasting satisfaction that will take you through every situation.

In today’s devotion, we learn about a two-time Olympian who has found happiness by society’s standards. She has the family, career, children, cars and home. Although she has it “all” she is still seeking daily Joy, the Joy of the Lord.

The Joy of the Lord, it’s long lasting, it’s contentment and it’s trust. Trusting that God knows and understands the He has your best interest front and center. Joy plays a major part in our purpose, we can’t have fleeting Joy because we aren’t showing how much we are trusting God to bring us through anything. Happiness will come, sadness will come, even when you are sitting in joy. Joy will always keep you, Joy will hold you when you are fighting through your feelings and more.

In Luke 10, Mary & Martha are described as serving and listening to Jesus. Martha was caught up in servitude.  Serving made her happy, she was delighted in serving Jesus, all while Mary sat at Jesus’ feet with open ears and an open heart listening to His stories. Martha complained. Yes, she COMPLAINED! She complained because Mary was delighted and being filled with stories and serving Jesus in a different manner. She sat still and spent time with him. She listened to Him.

Ask yourself are you Martha or Mary? Are you serving in a capacity that only brings you temporary happiness and no joy? Or are you serving in a capacity that brings you sheer joy?

Walking in your purpose has happy days, sad days but overall JOY filled days.

Journal Entry

Take a moment and read Luke 10.

Are you Mary or Martha? How are you serving?

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