Day 55

What Ingrained Belief Do You Need To Challenge?

Praying for Purpose for Women

Katie Brazelton

Did you grow up hearing things like “You can’t wear pants in church”, “It’s a sin to cut your hair” or my favorite “You don’t need a counselor, just pray about it. God will take care of you.”

Listen, God will take care of us, but He also equips others to help us get through what we are going through and my jeans aren’t going to send me to hell.  Yes these were my thoughts growing up. I grew up in a holiness church with holiness grandparents and I’m still in a holiness church but I decided to take the Bible for myself and learn it, understand it and apply it to my life, not just what people tell  me.

We all grow up with beliefs that we often challenge as we get older or we hold on to them until they are challenged later in life. Some of our beliefs are not often backed my the Bible or biblical in nature. At least many of the beliefs I had were more of a generational belief.

Christine Wyrtzen, a recording artist talks about her freedom from her ingrained beliefs and discusses her transformation. She discusses how the transformation of being a woman of God means that her transformation happens at the core and when using the bible we should use the bible as our textbook for life and God is the subject that we are studying. Christine like many of us had to let go of our ingrained beliefs and focus her attention on God and her journey with Him and not what we were taught.

In today’s devotion, we look at Luke 15:11-32, The Prodigal Son.

Prodigal: spending money or resources freely and recklessly; wasteful extravagant

The prodigal son is similar to many of us, we feel entitled to a certain life, we feel our way is right, just like our beliefs.  I remember the first time I wore pants to church, my Granny had a fit and her exact words “It’s a sin and shame to wear pants!”

Yes, a sin and a shame.

My grandmother only wore pants later in life and that was because of her being in a nursing home and the activities she did, but before hand – OH NO NEVER!! We were also conditioned to not listen to certain music on top of not being able to wear pants. When I decided to wear pants it was more of a rebellious thing at first, I was 18 and I didn’t want to continue to feel like I was in bondage to my clothing. Much like the Prodigal Son, he felt entitled to his money and I felt entitled to my clothes.

As I got closer to God, I didn’t wear my pants out of rebellion any more, I wore them because it was a piece of my wardrobe and eventually I started to wear dresses and skirts a little more instead of wearing pants or jeans to church. You see much like the Prodigal Son, I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it and I was running my own way.  I still do not believe my pants will send me to hell, but I’m learning I can’t do things just because I want to or out of sheer rebellion. 

The Prodigal Son had to hit rock bottom before he came back home to his father, he realized his rebellion wasn’t good for him or the best for him, but now he’s able to learn his ways and find his way back.

Just like many of us we break our own barriers, we force our way our of what we want or see because of rebellion.  Int he scripture his father says his son was dead and is alive again. Once we break free of our ingrained beliefs, we are alive again. We are breaking free of those thoughts and actions that are not pushing us closer to God and some times pulls us further away.

Today think about your ingrained beliefs that may have caused you to feel like you have been held in bondage and frustration, are you ready to release them today?

Journal Entry

Read Luke 15:11-32

Write out your ingrained beliefs.

Are you ready to be alive again?

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