Day 56

What Do You Regret?

Praying for Purpose for Women

Katie Brazelton

Regret. I decided to live my life without regrets when my regrets were taking over my life. I wasn’t a “princess” living a clean life. Nope. I drank, I partied, cursed, had sex…a lot of it. I even glorified sex, thought I could be like the fellas knock them off ad move on, until it began to take a toll on my life.

I realized how much the ‘fun’ life began weighing on my. I had to ask myself, “Jocelyn do you realize you abused your life a little bit, a lot.” I felt horrible, HORRIBLE. I held myself in contempt for years, months. I tried to be in a relationship never realizing I still held myself in contempt. I often felt I didn’t deserver more because I abused my worth & life.  It wasn’t until, I let my regrets go.  I asked God to forgive me, not only for the life I lived but because I hadn’t forgiven myself.

We often live with regrets & instead of asking for forgiveness, talking to the person or just allowing God to heal broken pieces. We walk around bound and in bondage from one regret

The question is now what do we do after we have let go of our regrets?

We ask God to use our mess for His glory. To not be ashamed of our past.

If we confront our regrets heard on, we wouldn’t be like Judas. Judas regretted betraying Jesus and hung himself.  Judas couldn’t live with his regret.  He gave back the money he was paid for turning in Jesus and that money was used to purchase a plot of land to help bury strangers. Plot twist not really, but let’s think about what would have happened if Judas would have asked for forgiveness, chose another route, maybe just maybe he would have purchased the field on his own or tended the field, but instead he allowed his regret to kill him. 

Journal Entry

Ask yourself, what regrets are you holding on to? Can your regrets be used for God’s glory?

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