I had to learn the delicate balance of work and life. You know being an entrepreneur and a mom, oh a mompreneur. You really learn to balance life, my sister always told me “There’s a place for everything and if not it’s not needed” that goes for life and business as well.
1st you have to prioritize what’s important to you. Now God comes before everything in my life, then my son and business. Even my business and the connections and work it brings has to align with my God values and motherly values (we’ll talk about this in another post). Oh yeah my other family is sprinkled between my son and work…they are my backbone and support!
Now back to the balance, after prioritizing what’s the most important pieces of your life you can prioritize your week. Working in Corporate America you prioritize based on their need, so if my schedule is Monday – Friday, I worked those days, my scheduled hours and if overtime was needed I worked that too and then I had a son, my priorities changed overtime wasn’t always a priority to me, my son was. The hard part of working in Corporate America is that in general you have no flexibility but I found mine and prioritized accordingly. Now I can prioritize my way! I’m not tied to a full 8-5 schedule, I make my own schedule, this gives me the freedom to put my top 3 priorities back in perspective.
Here is an example of my weekly schedule.  This helps me to prioritize my to do list, balance work and life and have freedom.

Mondays – Errand Day

Do you ever get the Mondays? I used to until I began to love Mondays.  Here’s why I love Mondays so much, most people are back at work, they don’t take off unless it’s the Summer or around the holidays generally, you can get so much done. REALLY! You can.  When did I begin to like Mondays? I was pushed to customer service, credit card customer service at that and my schedule was changed several times. I was off on Mondays and worked a 4 hour shift on Saturdays, no Sundays of course.  I spent most of the day with my son, we went to the grocery, mall, Target and we would often have lunch with his dad or go visit my mom.  This was my chill day especially after a hectic weekend.  I learned I could get all of my chores done, what I didn’t do on Saturday mornings of course, and I could grocery shop without the Saturday morning crowd.
Now that I work from home, I’m taking my Mondays back!! THANK YOU!! I’m back to grocery shopping, lunch dates and chores. It helps me to balance my week better and it’s that added day to the weekend we all crave.  I set my week up on Mondays, yep. I do.  I do my To do list on Sundays but I set my work lists up on Mondays (we’ll talk more about this in another post).

Tuesdays- Admin Day 1

Tuesdays are officially my Mondays.  Where most people start their work week on Monday I pretty much begin mine on Tuesday.  I do a little work on Mondays, but not a lot (see above).  I like to start on Tuesdays because my mind is now clear from the weekend, I’ve binged watched all of my shows from the week before and the weekend.  I’m more focused and ready to rock and roll.
What happens on Admin Day?  I check emails, send emails, review my Social Media and I focus on getting my goals together for my It Works business, yes I’m an Independent Distributor for It Works as well.  #cutecoinministry I prepare my weekly Tuesday email to send out to my mailing list, I research and study for my Lunch Vibes and prepare and brainstorm Blog posts as well as services and other projects.  So yes Tuesdays are busy days.  If I’m in the creative mood I work on graphics as well.

Wednesday – Social Media Day

Oh yeah the fun stuff.  I love social media but it can take a HUGE portion of time from your business if you allow it too.  I work hard on this day if I’m not working hard any other day.  I take time to review and update my social media sites, create graphics for social media with promos, quotes and blog post information.
I’m quickly learning a new app, Planoly, to help me with my Instagram posts, I’m loving it so far and it’s making me super happy.  (no I’m not an affiliate so that link is on me)

Thursday – Client Day

Clients, this is one of my favorite days I think, oh besides Monday.  I love creating and talking to clients.  It’s the base of my business.  This is the day I dedicated solely to my clients and their work.  I meet, chat and create for them, it’s all about my clients.  I do work on client projects throughout the rest of the week as time permits but this day, it’s solely dedicated to them. My clients.

Friday- Admin Day 2/Personal Development

Admin Day 2, Jocelyn how many admin days do you really need? Do you run an online business with minimal team? If the answer is no, you won’t understand but if you do, then you know these days are necessary!! Necessary!! So what do I do any different, nothing. I still check emails, review social media, review reports and goals for my It Works biz and I do some personal development.  I take in webinars or catch replays that I haven’t been able to watch, read, study for Lunch Vibes oh and I take time out to get my nails and hair done on these days as well.

Saturday – Can we say FAMILY?!?!

Yes I try to make my Saturdays all about my family and my son.  Oh and my friends, they are just like family so it’s all about family.  I hang out with my son, we normally have a pancake breakfast date or we eat home and  watch his choice of cartoons and movies.  I do work sometimes on Saturdays but it’s normally before the kid gets up or after he’s in the bed. I’m learning the balance here.  I used to be a work-a-holic..yep. I worked all the time and I still technically but not as hard core as before. I adore being a mom and the older I get the more I appreciate my family. So why not dedicate a whole day to hanging with them.

Sunday – Hey God!!!

Yep!! Church and more family.  I go to a small family church so I’m technically forced to spend time with them, lol. But I love it.
Sundays are also my prep days, I review my calendar update the family calendar to match my planner and iPhone Calendar to ensure I’m good on all fronts.  Listen my mind goes 100 mph sometimes I have to find time in my day to balance it all and ensure I’m not missing anything.  I try to get to bed early on Sundays to prepare myself for the week ahead.
And there you have it, my 7 ways to balance out my week, to include family, friends, work and fun.  Everyday isn’t the same but I make every day count.  Oh I almost forgot, I do have a set work schedule even though I work from home.  This is a must to keep your balance, I generally stop working at 4 pm each day to prepare for the kid’s return home from daycare.  I give him all of my attention until bed time.  The perks of being a mom!
I hope you enjoyed this.  Drop me a note below with your tips on balancing work and life.
Until next time…

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