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Hey I’m Jocelyn or Jocey, I help women entrepreneurs gain clarity in business, collect coins and run businesses with purpose and intent

I started my online career many moons ago when I thought I wanted to be a blogger, a natural hair blogger but I realized I wasn’t committed to my natural hair journey or blogging.  I later began working with a non-profit, Girls Gone Wise RVA.  I loved loved did I say loved this organization, for one because it was mine, I was gifted the business but that soon became hard for me to stick with.  It wasn’t my passion or purpose.

I quit!!!! 

I moved on but learned a lot!!! I learned how to fundraise properly for a non-profit.  I learned how to create business models and business plans.  I learned how to network and grow in business. Simply put I learned the ins and outs of business.

I also learned if you don’t have clarity, a plan and realize your purpose of being in business you will struggle.

This is the part of business I love the most.  I spent several years consulting friends, family and even strangers with their businesses.  Many have become successful business owners and authors. The joy of helping those around me build their businesses helped me to realize my purpose and passion.

I’m here to help you gain clarity in your business and collect the coins you deserve.

I’m Jocelyn Lynch your Clarity Consultant and owner of EWS Consulting & Strategies, LLC.  I retired from Corporate America and began to work full-time in my purpose and passion, business consulting and strategies.  I used to be that girl who sat at her tiny cube saying “God didn’t create me to waste me life away in this half of a cube”  Now I’m living the life he has intended for me.  I want to help you gain the clarity that will help you go from living below your purpose to living out your purpose.

“God didn’t create you to sit on your purpose and passion”

Did you know there is provision in your purpose? I did and I’m here to help you find the clarity you need to live a life full of purpose and intent.


It’s time for you to step into your season of clarity and purpose.


Interested in Working with Me 

If you are ready to gain clarity in business, stop talking yourself out of your business or even your ministry, I’m here for you!

Because you have taken the time to stop by I want to give you something free and learn more about you and your business. Let’s schedule your FREE Clarity Session. 

This clarity session is a 30 minute conversation with me to find clarity in your business and thoughts.  Yes a lot can be done in 30 minutes and I want to give you a few strategies that will help you get to your next level.






“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Jeremiah 29:11


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