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Wounded on Purpose by Lakeisha T. Stevenson, blessed my entire soul!! Listen y’all!! Listen! Get this book, I mean it, you won’t regret the purchase but keep reading and I’ll tell you where you can purchase at the bottom.

Before we go any further, I do need to tell you that I’m not a huge spoken word or poetry fan, I like it but I’m not going to be snapping it up, but this book of poetry, didn’t make me want to snap, no, it evoked something totally different for me. I praised God, I worshipped and I even found deliverance.  The words on these pages were designed for my eyes to see.

When I first opened the book, the author directed me through the Holy Spirit to a certain poem.  Me being me, I was thinking, oh it’s nothing for real, I’ll just read it and say “Thank you Lord” and keep it moving..NOPE not at all. I broke. I completely broke down in a serious worship and a lot of what had me bound was released from me.  This isn’t a sugar-coated book of words, it’s a well written display of how God can use our wounds for our purpose (see the title).

Minister Stevenson gives us so much on these 92 pages that I’m waiting patiently, yet anxiously for more to come. Each chapter has an introduction and scripture. The scriptures are aids to your healing, some poems and introductions I had to read more than once to really understand.  This book of poetry will allow you if you are ready and even if you aren’t to be able to deal with some of your hidden wounds that you may not have told anyone about but it’s time to release them and live a full life of purpose.

As promised you can purchase your copy from Xulon Press or

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