I rarely watch television, if I do it’s not normally one of my shows it’s normally a cartoon of some sort, the joys of having a toddler, right?! So to watch my shows I normally play catch up while I’m washing dishes or before bed at night. Saturday I started catching up on this seasons episodes of New Girl, while watching I didn’t realize on the Xfinity To Go app they had commercials and most of the commercials are sponsored through Bank of America, well they were the day I used the app. (Disclaimer: Anything I say about Bank of America is my opinion and my opinion only, it is not promoted or prompted by the corporation or any employees or its affiliates). One commercial that was played was for Samsung Pay, if you are unfamiliar, you may be an Apple Pay user. Samsung Pay is very very similar to Apple Pay in the way it is used. Here’s a little about the commercial. A guy walks into a diner, orders food tells them he’s using his phone to pay, he mentions Samsung Pay, but if you pay close attention to the card that pops up on his screen it’s a Bank of America credit card. The phone never says Bank of America, the guy never says Bank of America, but Bank of America was branded in that commercial. And here’s the thing, you know its Bank of America and if you aren’t a customer you most likely will do what, go check out the website with because you are curious as to what the bank has to offer or just because you saw it’s signature design displayed in the commercial. Now the other commercials were specifically brought to you by Bank of America. But here’s the thing I really want you to get from all of that, Bank of America really knows how to brand itself and I’m sure a few people who have seen this same exact commercial have gone to visit or if they are Samsun users and Bank of America customers, they got one step closer to signing up for Samsung Pay. Just like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Oprah, Apple, Kanye and so many more we, yes we, have to start branding ourselves and our businesses as well. I know someone is reading this saying I don’t have a business and I’m not trying to have a business so what does this have to do with me…a lot, a WHOLE LOT actually, stick with me for a moment.

Branding for your life…

Branding for your life starts with you, not with a slogan or a product but with you. Yes a regular around the way girl has to live up to her own branding. When someone says your name whatever they think of you or can picture of you is your brand. You know the cool girls in high school who always dressed nice, yeah they were branding themselves then. So here’s the good thing about branding, it sets you apart from the rest. And yes you are already set apart because you are you and nobody can be you but you and that’s all there is but if you are looking to make a serious footprint in this world get ready to make a huge one by reevaluating a few things.

  1. Your Look and Style: Make sure you own your look. You don’t have to be a diva 24/7 but own your look. For instance look at Janelle Monae. She has a signature look, she’s suited with a pomp and red lips. That’s her look and nobody else in the industry looks like her. No one! And no one has attempted to either.
  2. Your Attitude: Your attitude and how you treat people is so apart of your branding. “You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar” Ever heard that phrase? If so then you know what it means, if not here you go, if you are nice and treat people well you get more in life, if you are nasty well……Unless you are a few of these top celebrities that have fallen off the normal train of humanity and think they can say what they want when they want and how they want, you won’t get far. I promise you, you won’t. So make sure you are always on point, even when you are upset because the wrong words, well can destroy you.
  3. How You Handle Business: Make sure your business interactions are always on point. Even when you have to say no or cut someone off, make sure everything you do up until the final transactions are complete are honorable and on point. You may never know when you may need that contact again. Even at work on your 9-5. I’ll tell you a little secret, I was terrible at one point, I gave my managers a run for their money, I had a bad attitude, I hated my job and boy did it show! I realized one day my business transactions were beginning to suck, although I worked hard and got my work done, I wasn’t moving anywhere, that’s the day I decided to rebrand myself in business.

Branding for your business…

All of the above plus a few more

  1. Logo and signature: Always ensure you logo speaks to your business. It is a clear depiction of you and your brand. Your signature the same way and I mean your signature sign offs on emails, blog posts, text, periscopes, etc, make sure you really hit the mark. One person I can honestly say I have seen this from is Mattie James of She really brands herself and signs off the same on everything and her logo matches her personality and her brand. Go check her out!
  2. You Message and Mission: Make sure you are clear and concise about your messaging. Look you can’t be an inspirational speaker on your blog but on your Facebook page you are Debbie Downer, your message is not consistent. Your mission statement and your message should always tie into each other. You can’t have I empower women to live their best lives by teaching them to build businesses and love their lives, something to that effect or better. But when women approach you your message says “I don’t have my stuff together but I’m going to attempt to help you” So here’s the key BE CONSISTENT!


BE YOU! No matter what you do, be yourself. There’s no one like you not here or there or anywhere (I have a toddler, we read Dr. Seuss). But seriously if you are being your authentic self, everything I just told you above for life and for business will come naturally. Oprah, she’s herself even if we hear things we don’t always like, she’s her. She has inspired many of to live our best lives and to live out our dreams. At the end of the day, no matter good or bad, people support brands who brand themselves and brand themselves the right way. You can’t brand yourself with other people’s ideas, logos, slogans, merchandise and the list goes on but you can’t. You have to brand yourself for you and nobody else. If you are in business for yourself make sure your business if a business you love from your heart and not just because everyone else is doing it, that’s not cool and you won’t brand yourself correctly.

Here’s some homework, each day do one thing that will get you closer to your dreams, closer to your purpose and will make your branding bang with purpose!!


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Ref J · April 20, 2016 at 4:20 pm

Good post. I agree that being genuine and consistent is important with branding. I also loved that gave solid examples of what it “looks” like to be you (i.e. Janelle Monae) embrace what makes you unique and what your brand will shine.

    heyJocey · April 20, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Thank you!!! Yes being genuine is the best way to be, it helps bring you customers and builds your brand

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