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When I hear Crisis Management my mind immediately goes to Olivia Pope and Scandal, the earlier seasons.

If you think about it, she handles the crisis, only a few people get hurt (physically) and the client can easily or what seems like easily go back into their normal lives or routines. Wouldn’t it be great if we could deal with life the same way?

You can!

I mean you won’t do it in an hour show on TGIT but you will be able to handle any crisis that comes your way. You, your success and your purpose depends on how you handle the crisis when they come. You can choose to lose it all, go crazy, cry, forget you know Jesus, and tell everyone how you feel and more


You can decide to handle your crisis like your life, success and purpose depends on it.

Assess the situation

Just like Liv and OAP, they assess the situation. They build out their case. They take in what was given, what they know and what they can do. We can do the exact same thing. Yes, something happens that throws us off kilter. Do we throw a full-on toddler tantrum or do we jump at the chance to grow and learn from what has just happened to us?

Let’s choose the latter, you can cry about it but we can’t sit in it.

In assessing the situation, you must be able to assess with a clear mind and focus. You can’t and won’t make a clear decision when you are angry, frustrated and basically still in your feelings.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30

The first step in Crisis Management is to hand it over to God, yes. Go to God with the crisis or situation, He wants to help you and He has said he can carry your burdens. Let Him. Don’t attempt to carry your burdens on your own. We often make the mistake when a crisis hits is run to our friends, family or anyone who will listen. Instead, run to God when the crisis hits. Allow Him to guide you, allow Him to comfort you. Talk His ear off through prayer and if you can’t speak, write, sit in silence and thank Him for His mercy and grace.

This part of Crisis Management is the part where Liv and OAP gather their team and assigns tasks. Yes, we are assigning the biggest task, the project manager task to God. He will lead and guide our thoughts and actions. Trust me, He will not steer you wrong.

Strategic Planning, part two.

Your strategic plan doesn’t happen the same as Liv’s, no, it starts with prayer. It starts with your need an desire to plan and pray. Pray with prayer and strategy. Intentional prayer. Prayer with scripture, prayer with a plan. For his portion, I suggest reading Fervent. (Grab this before you hit the crisis, get your tools early). This book will give you the guided strategy you need to ensure you are able to combat the crisis that comes to you in life.


You want to ensure that you stay focused. Stay focused. Focus on where you are going and what God wants from you and not the crisis itself. Stay focused on the promises of God, “Yes and Amen” 2 Corinthians 1:20.

We often look at Amen as an ending, the final say in our prayer. I want you to look at Amen differently, especially during a crisis. Amen has a few different meanings like take care, to be faithful, reliable or established. These meanings are from the Old Testament. While in crisis mode, focus on how God is faithful reliable and establishing a way for you during this test. You can at the end of the assignment have your final AMEN because it is finished and it is over.

Understand that during our crisis and how you manage it means you can be broken, you can be mended, you can be molded. There are times even with Liv and OAP, they are taken through some personal struggles even during the times they are trying to manage their client’s crisis. Our crisis may be a sickness in the family, loss of job or death but understand during this time, God is your Liv, He’s front and center waiting and ready to tell you “It is handled” He’s waiting and ready to do His part but you must do your part. He will give you His peace and comfort.

Purpose and parts of our purpose are meant to be tested and built. In crisis, the story of your purpose will be pulled out and pieced together. Crisis can push you to seek your purpose or push you to continue to build your purpose. If you mishandle your crisis you could delay the portion of your purpose that you need to move forward to destiny.

Handle your crisis with care.

Until next time…

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