Day 1
What Are You Afraid of?

Praying for Purpose Women

Katie Brazelton


Today’s devotion discusses an Olympic Gold Medalist by the name of Michelle.  Michelle had to battle a serious illness while she prepared for her Olympic trials and as she worked out daily. While reading, I thought her fear dealt with her illness but nope her illness dealt with her fear of being hurt and alone.  The reason for her fear was because of family issues.

Are you like Michelle? You can take on everything but the one thing you really should take on.  Michelle allowed her family issues to cause her to not live a life of purpose, a life that was full and complete. She allowed distrust and hurt to rule her life.  She was afraid to trust, she was afraid to fully love, although she had the love of her husband and others.

Not letting go of past hurts or holding on to fear keeps us in a shell.  It keeps us from our purpose and causes us to be delayed in living a full and complete life.

What are you afraid of today?  Are you afraid that if you let your guard down and walk without it you will be hurt again? Well guess what? Hurt is natural but how you deal with the hurt is what makes you stronger. Are you afraid of rejection?  Each no, gets you closer to a yes. Are you afraid your family won’t support you?  It’s okay, not everyone will support everything you are supposed to do. But whatever you are purposed for, will make you a little nervous, maybe a little fearful and the longer you allow your fear to hold you back the longer it will take for you to live out your full purpose.

Today’s Scripture: Joshua 1:9 “God will be with you wherever you go.”

Journal Entry:
Answer these questions: What are you afraid of? Be honest with yourself. Remember no one knows but you and if you can’t be honest with yourself, you won’t be honest with anyone.
What has caused your fear/Why are you afraid?
What can you do to overcome your fears? (hint hint..confronting them and being honest about it, helps)

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