Dear Parents,

As I count down to my second anniversary in motherhood aka my baby’s second birthday, I’ve began to reflect and watch more carefully as to what I’ve said or I’m saying to him. He’s a sponge right now and has been ever since he could hear. He watches everything I do even when I think he’s not paying attention, he’s learning right from wrong everyday because we all know each day brings new adventures and brand new lessons. I’m also prayerful in my time with him and away from him. These last two years have taught me a lot. I’m still learning patience (when KJ wants something he wants it right then and there, not later), I’m learning more understanding (he’s becoming himself and I have to cope with it daily) and I’ve learned to collaborate in life. He has a father, so we have had to learn together our own difference of opinion and how we want to raise our son. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot in 2 years and still learning more and more each day. 

There is more I can tell you but I’ll save it for later but the one major thing I’ve learned in this all is that my son is a blessing. On the days I want to say screw it all, I’m tired of work, family, friends and anything involving people; you know the days you’d rather be a hermit, his big bright eyes tell me otherwise. When I look into his eyes I see strength, courage, excitement and love. He has his innocence, untainted by this world. And I’m amazed that he’s here and he’s mine. God trusted me!!! He could have chosen anyone else but he chose me and I chose Him and KJ. 

Dear parents, don’t forget your children are a blessing, you were chosen for this position and its your choice to continue doing it the right way or complain through it. Your little blessings don’t always understand work and being serious, take that time to spend with them. Listen the laundry can wait and so can the dishes but quality time with your little (or big) one is way more important and valuable to your day and theirs. 

So, parents, spend more time, act silly, jump on the bed, slide down the stairs whatever you do make it fun, make it worth it and make lasting memories. 


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