HAPPY NEW YEAR + Welcome to heyJocey.com!


We made it to 2016!!! Sweet sixteen! This is such an exciting year for everyone, at least I feel that deep down in my heart.  I hope your new year began on a high note and you are ready and anxious for what’s to come.  That’s a good anxious.  I’m anticipating so much greatness I can’t contain myself.

I’m so glad you have decided to stop by and see what the hype is all about (especially since I’ve been blowing up your timelines with my lovely pictures).  I hope that I meet all of your expectations in this new year and the years to come. I’m sure you have been waiting and wanting to know exactly what heyJocey.com is all about, so let me tell you a little about what you will find + why I started blogging.


Let’s start with what you won’t see.

  • Pages and pages of DIY (I’m not that crafty, but I do have a blogger cousin who is and she shares her awesome crafts + more at 28thousanddays.org)
  • Fashion.  This isn’t a fashion blog…at all! (I like fashion but I like timeless fashion)
  • Negativity.  I prefer the positive life it feels better.


Now what you will see, are awesome posts and articles geared toward the everyday woman.  I’m here to uplift, offer advice and provide a little positive insight into your world.  I started this whole blog + website because I found myself in a place where I had more to give than I was giving.  I had a business, that I had to shut down (we will go into detail about this venture soon, it taught me a whole lot), after I stopped my first business I began to think, what was it that I wanted to do exactly?  I knew that there was something for me to do, so I started watching Periscopes + following all of these awesome bloggers + entrepreneurs who all gave me a so much information that I was in information overload at one point but I didn’t stop.  I kept educating myself and I started to write down my thoughts in my journal until one day I landed on Pat Flynn’s website and realized he had a deal for Bluehost that was expiring soon, something in the pit of my stomach told me to go, to purchase my domain and here we are!!!


I believe that if we uplift our women by empowering, restoring and teaching them how to lead properly we can definitely take back our communities and families.  You see I’m an Urban Planner at heart. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU…Go RAMS!) with a Bachelors in Urban and Regional Studies, my concentration was in Public Policy and I also had a minor in sociology, I like people. During my time at VCU I learned how to plan cities and communities but no one ever talked about how to really complete community development.  My take on community development is that in order to restore and redevelop communities we have to restore + nurture the families that are in the communities.  Before we can restore + nurture families we have to restore + empower + lead the women in our communities .  After saying all of that please understand this blog is geared toward all women, no matter what your socioeconomic background you will be able to find something helpful here.  My main goal is empower + restore + lead.


Before we part ways and you go on to finish enjoying your new year I invite you to shop with me + contact me.

I look forward to interacting with each of you. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest if you don’t already.


Thanks again for stopping by and spending a little time with me.

I pray your 2016 is filled with love, joy and prosperity.


Empowering + Restoring + Leading

Happy New Year


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