It’s the first Monday of the New Year, if you are in education of any sort, you are probably just going back to school from a two-week vacation and you feel so refreshed wishing your vacation didn’t have to end, but I’m pretty sure it ended a few days ago when you started your lesson plans and such. Or you could be like me, you work in Corporate America were off for the last three days or maybe you took a week vacation. Whatever your situation may be Monday is here and back to work we all go (If you are off today, read this post next Monday). Most people hate Mondays, like Mondays did something to them. It’s the start of your work week, what’s to hate. I personally like Mondays. It’s my favorite vacation day, the start of a new week, the one day I’m probably the most productive (I promise you be Tuesday at 2 pm it all goes downhill). I love Mondays!! And you should too, but you probably hate them for a few reasons like you have to go back to work, you hate your job, you aren’t properly prepared for Mondays and your weekend is now over (Make this your favorite vacation day and you have something to look forward too). Now that we’ve figured out all of your reasons as why you hate Mondays, let’s fix it and make this Monday and every Monday your best Mondays ever, trust me it helps make your year better as well.

First let’s talk about why this Monday is totally different than any other Monday you’ve ever seen before. It’s the first Monday of the New Year and for most of us it’s the first day of the work week. So you can definitely start fresh. Like let’s start with not complaining about Monday, it’s a day of the week you have to deal for the next 51 weeks. Deal with it! While this is the first Monday of the New Year you get to start fresh. You have so much more to prove, how about let’s move up the corporate ladder or at least take a few steps to get you closer, I mean if that’s what you want. And even if that’s not what you want, look for something super dope to make you super dope at work. The long and short, find the positive in a fresh beginning.

Sunday, what did you do on Sunday? Did you prepare for Monday or did you sit around whine about Monday, watch football, complain that you have to go to work, maybe you went to church or did something with family but you probably complained about going to work on Monday. I’m sure somewhere along the way you complained. I saw some of your Facebook posts J Sundays are very important to your Mondays. Sundays are prep days for Monday. Meal prep, update your calendar, pack your gym bag, pull out clothes for you and your children….Sundays = PREPdays! Prep it out! If you prepare on Sundays you will love Mondays even more.

Monday morning, did you hit the snooze button? Don’t do that to yourself! Why because when you hit the snooze button on Monday morning you are pretty destined to hit the snooze button the rest of the week. When you wake up get up! Let’s start Mondays fresh, if you do this your whole week will thank you, your coworkers may like you better and you will probably have a better chance not hating Mondays.

Do you have a morning routine? If not get one! Your morning routine is super important to your day. Start your day with a little me time, read, write, pray, whatever gives you some me time before your feet hit the ground. You need this time, trust me! The mornings that I hit the snooze button and I miss out on my morning routine, I’m all over the place. I like structure, most humans like structure of some sort. My mornings start with reading scripture, praying, meditating and maybe journaling a little. Then I check my emails, social media, text messages and such. Once all of that is completed, I’m off to start my morning, shower, grooming, etc. I get KJ up, groomed and dressed. We head downstairs for our daily scripture reading + prayer, grab our coats, bags and we are out the door. Thankfully the night before I prepped everything so I won’t have to fiddle around trying to get everything situated and I’m forgetting something or I’m so tired and frustrated my whole day is jacked up.

Remember how you start your mornings makes a total difference as to how your day goes. So with this being the first Monday of 2016, make sure you take a moment to prepare just right. Don’t rush it, enjoy it and every day that follows will be so much easier to tackle. Take a moment and appreciate your mornings, this is my favorite part of the day, everything is quiet, still and relaxing. You’ll thank me later!

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