Let me tell you a story, Charleston, SC…March 2017. (I simply love Golden Girls right about now) LOL

Last month I went on vacation with my mom and son, I knew I needed to rest and I also needed to work. The delicate balance of life and entrepreneurship.  I’m sure you are wondering which option I chose. Rest. Yep. I chose rest and still had a ton of work to take care of before the next Monday.  Needless to say I got the majority of it done riding back home in the car.  (Thank God for a mom who doesn’t mind driving).

As I rode back home I began to think about the upcoming activities in my life, my birthday, son’s birthday, Spring and Summer, weekend trips and more. I realized my calendar was busy, vacations and time off are a must but I also found myself saying how am I going to keep this all together being busy, enjoying the sun and family. That’s when the next 5 points were birthed into me.

1. Maintain a schedule

And stick to it!

Seriously it’s so easy to fall into the trap of enjoying the nice weather and beautiful sunshine.  Sometimes we get a little too attached to it and forget all about the schedule we have set.  Just because the weather is nice it doesn’t mean you can run free (well you can, just wait until your work is done).

2. Take a break

I know I just said maintain your schedule but schedule your breaks as well. It’s suggested that for every 90 minutes you work, you should take a break, at least 10-15 minutes. (You can enjoy the sunshine!) Go for a walk, refresh your beverage, stretch. Whatever you do get up from your computer and move around.  This will refresh your brain and cause you to be more productive.  The brain can work consistently for 90 minutes until it causes you to “snap out” of work mode and need a moment to focus on something else or simply rest.

3. Exercise

yes…i said it…exercise…say it with me EX-ER-CISE…

I know, summer bodies are made in the winter or whatever. Exercise also helps you stimulate your brain power and it gives you energy or you can drink ENERGY  But back to this exercise thing…exercise helps to assist with your memory and thinking patterns (I would insert all of the scientific mumbo jumbo here but just google it). Exercise also helps reduce stress and anxiety.  With a reduction in stress and anxiety, there is an open opportunity to be able to fully focus on the tax at hand…your work.

4. Plan

Yes…maintaining a schedule is similar to planning but here’s how it’s different.

The plan…Plan your content well in advance. Like now especially if you know you will traveling or have a lot of fun staycation activities going on.

How to plan? If you’re a blogger, plan your content, social media posts and more.  Many of the posts you can write ahead of time and schedule your posts in your blog management system.  Use apps like Hootesuite to schedule your social media posts such as Facebook and Twitter, Tailwind to post and pin on Pinterest and finally my favorite Later for Instagram.

These will help you with your plan oh and of course create your content calendar (stay tuned..I have something coming out soon)

4. Take a vacation

It’s tempting. VERY TEMPTING. Seriously, it’s important to unplug and enjoy your family and friends. Honey, you deserve it.


Until next time…

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