These are a few of my favorite resources and apps that allow me to run my business with ease.  These come highly recommended.  Oh and yes, these are affiliate links, so I may receive compensation if you decide to roll with these options to build your business as well, this will not be any additional cost to you!

Out of all of my favorite online tools, Bluehost is by far my absolute favorite. I host not only with Bluehost but I also host KJ’s website, Their customer service is out of this world and the benefits of that come with your hosting package are the best I’ve seen.





Acuity Scheduling allows me to easily book client strategy and consultation sessions, collect payments and send reminders. This tool is a MUST for any business owner with a busy schedule and desire to provide world-class customer service

DPD, listen at first I was pretty hesitant to even think about signing up for this account, but since I’ve joined it has been amazing. A low monthly cost to maximize profit, you can’t beat it. Sign up today to begin your FREE 30-day trial!


Printful allows me to print my designs without having to have stock on hand. Get this it’s free to sign up and easily integrates with my WordPress platform. I use Printful for my site and KJ’s Corner.