It’s that time of year again, Spring. Allergies are in full swing, the close of tax season is coming up, we’re clearing out our closets and cupboards to prepare for Spring and Summer. Spring Cleaning is in full effect. If you are a business owner did you do the same for your business or are you waiting until after taxes are done? Either way I wan to offer you 4 solid tips to help you go from cluttered to clear in preparation for Spring and Summer.

Email Clutter

Sort it. Delete it. Unsubscribe. It’s that easy!

Our inboxes tell a story about us that we may not always want other people to know, like how much we love coupons, free information and SPAM (no, no one really likes spam but it manages to live in our inbox on a regular basis).

This is the first place I like to start when I’m Spring Cleaning because it’s he most tedious.  Set folders ups for your emails that are important to your business, label them, and make sure your labels are memorable. Don’t have a folder that says Stuff…this is how you got into this mess in the first place…stuff.

Next you want to delete any emails that are not pertinent to your business or relevant anymore.  You know the emails from that 5 Day email challenge or the 4 Ways to get fit and you aren’t getting fit or reading the email? Yep…those, delete them. Old client information, its okay to let it go, especially if it’s not relevant to the client anymore.

Finally…Unsubscribe. (Don’t unsubscribe from me, just the other spammers).  If you have more unopened emails from one source than open, unsubscribe. It’s not worth your time and effort and definitely not worth their stats dropping.  It’s okay to unsubscribe if it’s not bringing you value anymore, that’s why the unsubscribe button is there.  And to be quite frank with you, the person who’s sending you the email will appreciate it in the long run because now they are able to open spots to those people who are engaged with their emails.

The Cloud

I like my cloud, it holds everything…

Somethings need a space of their own in the recycle been on your computer.  It’s time to clear it out and do the same thing you did with your email. Sort it. Delete it.

My cloud has gotten out of control, I’m using finder to find documents I created two minutes ago.  It’s time to clean sort and make sure I’m able to function.  You know you have the capability of making folders right. make them. Create your own virtual filing system. When you are creating new documents make sure you are labeling in a way that you will know what it is and where it should go. Your desk shouldn’t look look like Word or Pages through everything on it and walked out of your life.

Delete it. Some things need to be put in the recycle bin and trashed.  That doc you created two years ago and never went back to it because you lost it and recreated it, yep delete.  You want to ensure you aren’t taking up valuable space on your hard drive or in the cloud with documents, pictures and forms that are no longer relevant to your business.

Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. SnapChat. Did I forget one? I feel like Facebook should just buy them all we use one universal app. I mean it’s all beginning to look the same, we know that’s not going to happen.

Don’t you love how Facebook reminds you of your life 8 years ago when you were a hot flaming mess and not a successful entrepreneur? Yea me neither. This is why it’s important we do a little housekeeping around our social media. DELETE IT! And when I say IT (I’m not talking about Stephen King..creepy), I mean the posts that are a hot flaming mess, the promotions that have expired months (years) ago, pictures with low engagement.  Get it out of here! Why? Because you always want to put your best foot forward and live in the now.


And for the win…Contacts. I have so many contacts in my phone, I’ve called the wrong person.  Clean out your contacts.  Has someone changed their number and instead of you deleting the old number or even attempting to search for the number you just created a new contact? Yea me neither.  Take some time and look through your contacts to pull out and delete the contacts that no longer serve you or your business anymore and they are not likely to serve you in the near future.  Duplicate contacts, consolidate and get rid of them. You have to make more room for future contacts, they need you and just like the seasons change so do people and our need for them.

Homework for this week: Sort it. Delete it. Unsubscribe. Whether it’s email, the cloud, social media or contacts.  It’s okay to start with a clean slate. It’s good for business and good for you.

Until next time….

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