I remember one day talking to a friend of mine via our office communicator and we were discussing jobs. I told him I no longer wanted to do banking.  I had been in banking, mainly mortgage, at the time for 11 years.  It no longer fulfilled me.
He asked, “what else is there to do besides banking?”



At that moment, I realized there is way more to life than banking, sitting in my cubicle, talking to people I really don’t want to talk to about things that didn’t hold my interest.  His question triggered something inside of me, that pushed me, NO…CATAPULTED me to figure out my purpose, to ensure that I’m living a full and complete life, both professionally and personally.


What did I do?

I did what I do best, I learned. I educated myself.

I’m a lifelong learner. I’m always listening to a podcast, hopping on Periscope, listening to what I can learn and even before I found Podcasts and Periscope, I tuned into TED Talks.  I read books and articles, heck I’m still in school working on my Masters (to be completed May 2018, GO ME!). Being this learner means that I’m growing every day and I’m constantly taking in information.  During this two year time of me learning and studying online business, I also started to learn and study me. There were barriers that I had that blocked me from fulfilling my purpose and greatness. I had to let them go and love me more and first.

I let go of those ingrained beliefs that caused me to suffer at the hand of someone else’s thoughts and concerns. I had to free myself from what everyone wanted me to do and take on what I needed to do to sustain Jocelyn.

The Question caused a domino effect in my life. It caused a joy that was deep inside of me to be erupted and put back in its place. No, this journey wasn’t all flowers and roses, it was a little pain and suffering too. I was refined and shining brighter than a Diamond. Today, when I’m asked what is there to do besides banking, I can confidently say purpose. My purpose wasn’t banking my purpose is helping other people get out of their rut of not living in their purpose. My purpose is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs take their scattered ideas and create beautiful products and services. My purpose is to bring awareness to the conversations we often have with ourselves with no answer or end in sight. My purpose is greater than I could ever imagine because daily my purpose grows and increases.

To my co-worker, thank you. Really I mean it! Thank you. Thank you for asking me the question that sparked a fire in my soul. The question that changed the trajectory of my life at that moment. You didn’t realize what you were asking or saying or the power that it had behind it. Thank you!

If you are ready to join me in the pursuit of purpose grab my new book Life, Love & The Pursuit of Purpose today!

Until next time…

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