“I don’t dance now, I make money moves
See I don’t gotta dance, I make money moves”
I’ll be the first to admit, I’m always tardy to the Pop Culture Party and this time was no different.  I knew who Cardi B was because my ex made me watch Love and Hip Hop on Mondays when we were together.  We called it Ratchet Mondays.  It was our thing.
The on thing I noticed as he forced me to watch the weekly shenanigans of people in the music industry and their baby mama drama, was this fiesty little chic, Cardi B.
At one point we literally ignored other people until Cardi B. came on the scene, I mean she was funny, she brought that extra giggle I needed to my Monday.
Monday, September 25 she did it again, she gave me complete life, but it wasn’t because I had the pleasure of watching Ratchet Mondays but because she jumped to the Billboard Top 100 chart.
Again, I’m normally late to the Pop Culture Party, but this one I caught and I caught it quickly. I didn’t even know the whole song 3 weeks ago.  I actually pulled up my Apple Music and searched for this song that had everyone going crazy all over social media from Instagram to SnapChat.  I had to know what the hype was all about. So I listened and then I became intrigued with the new Cardi B who wears red bottoms and pays her mother’s bills.
Lessons from Cardi B

Every Newbie Entrepreneur can learn valuable lessons from one Miss Cardi B

She remains herself

Cardi B, has quick wit, doesn’t take anyone’s nonsense and will stand up for herself and needs no cosigners, has risen from the proverbial bottom to the top and has never stopped being herself.
When we jump into entrepreneurship we think we have to be like everyone else, we are almost made to think that we have to be cookie cutter examples of our mentors and gurus…NAW! You’re good being you! Why? because you are the only person who can tell your story in your voice for your audience.  The best way to grow your business is to be your AUTHENTIC self.  A false persona doesn’t sell well.

Naysayers didn’t keep her down

If you’ve ever seen her on Love and Hip Hop you know she doesn’t care about her naysayers. She actually mocks them and realizes that their negativity and no’s do not make her.
Honey!!!! We can call learn this one! And learn it quickly!! Negative Nancy’s and Pessimistic Peter’s will come along to annoy you, attempt to make you go back in your shell and hide but honey, they don’t know your end. They didn’t create you. They aren’t putting coins in your pockets. So why are you listening to them? Right!
Naysayers will attempt to keep you in your past, remind you of where you came from and attempt to hold you at the person you were then. Cardi said it best “I don’t gotta dance I make money moves”
And yes she used to be a dancer, that was then this is now and her real life is, she doesn’t have to do the things she used to do to make money, she’s moved on from that.  You aren’t the same person you were when you worked for “that company” you’ve evolved. You’ve found your passion and niche, honey, work it and make money moves.
Cardi B Bodak Yellow Lyric

And sometimes it’s okay to be quiet about your moves

Matter of fact that’s most of the time.  Get your “schmoney”. shhh make money.  If you watched Cardi B, like me and were tardy to the rest of the Pop Culture Party, you probably didn’t know she has actually recorded some other songs that have videos and more.  She didn’t tell all that she did but she worked hard behind the scenes.
They don’t need to know all the moves, just make them. Because if we knew everything you did, Newbie, someone may steal it or better yet talk you out of it. And we want no parts of any of that.
Dear Newbie,
We are in this together.  Be you. embrace you and understand that where you began is not your final destination.  Look at Cardi B, she used to be a stripper turned into a Pop Icon with the #1 slot on the Billboard 100 chart.  Learn a little from this over-zealous, no holds barge, straight shooter all of America is growing to love.  Don’t let the naysayers make you feel less than.  All of the “gurus” don’t have all of the answers and some are not for you. Be careful who let in your tribe and circle and most importantly MAKE MONEY MOVES
Until next time..

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