WiseGirl Workshops

WiseGirl Workshops

WiseGirl Workshops build confidence & self-esteem, allows participants to gain or regain focus and plan for the future.  Our workshops can be offered as a total package or separate.  We ensure that each workshop is tailored to our clients needs and desires.  Our workshops are upbeat, exciting and engaging. Workshops include workbooks, recordings (virtual only) and any necessary supplies for activities (in person).  If you are interested in bringing WiseGirl Workshops to your organization or school please complete our contact form below.




The Confident Girl

This workshop focuses on self-esteem, self-image, self-worth and confidence.  Our desire by the end of this workshop is that each participant has gained greater confidence and is ready to face the world head on.

Living a GOALden Life

Do you have goals?  Do you want to learn how to set goals and build an action plan for success? Are you struggling with setting goals and unsure why you need to set them? If so this workshop is for you!!! Setting goals allows you to become more productive and successful.  Actionable goals help you stay on track and focus on the tasks at hand.

Middle School, High School, Now What?

College is normally the next step in the game called life, but it is super important to understand the structure and set up of college. In this workshop, we discuss financial aid and it’s importance, choosing a major and choosing the right major.  We also build a plan of action for the years following college. If college is not on the radar for a participant we jump into an action plan of success to find a career or trade.

Money U

Money! We all like money but we don’t always manage it properly.  It is important to understand the difference in savings and checking accounts, IRAs, CDs and more.   We discuss budgets and the importance of setting budgets and not falling into money pitfalls.  Credit, how to manage and how to use it properly.

The Framework: Resume Building & Interview Prep

Resume building begins way before graduating high school.  Participants learn how to create a resume and the importance of updating it on a consistent basis.  Interview skills and preparation are taught as well.


*Workshops can be tailored to adult groups as applicable*

Workshop prices vary based on attendees, travel and number of workshops being offered at one time.


Now that you have had a moment to see what WiseGirl Workshops are all about are you ready to invite us out to your next group event?