Why It works!


The question should be why not?!?!

Here’s my back story.

I’ve been approached to sell Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, Pre-paid Legal (twice, tried once, got nowhere fast), Thirty-one…listen if it’s direct sales I’m sure I’ve been asked and asked more than once. Here’s the thing I can sell you Mary Kay like a pro, but I never wanted to sell it. I would close the deal at my mom’s parties and even recently helped a few sales happen at a party I attended. So I’m sure you are asking why didn’t you sell that Jocelyn? I didn’t want to be sold a car and business and I definitely don’t have time to host parties every week either. Now I’m not saying it’s not for someone, just not me! So I waited and watched, no I stalked (not like creepy stalking but like I watched every IG post, Snapchat, Periscope and FB Live). I stalked Mia Ray of Confessions of a Glamaholic, I stalked Ronne B. I watched IG friends and even was asked to do fitness challenges but I waited. I literally waited a whole year and 3 months from the day I first listened to Ronne talk about It Works. When I say I was on that conference call contemplating paying that $99. I was so compelled to do it, I didn’t feel like this about any of the other direct sales companies I was approached about in the past but I didn’t sign up.


FEAR! I was scared to sign up, I was scared I wasn’t going to do it right. Crazy right seeing that I talk about not giving up so much and letting fear go…yeah I had to get out of my own way.  I didn’t stop with It Works, I went in to sign up so many times it’s pretty embarrassing and stopped myself from completing the task. My website name was available, then it was of course heyJocey and now it’s GOALdenLife. I was ready this time.

What pushed me you ask?

My cousin.

She’s one of my closest cousins and friends. She’s a straight shooter and I love her. She, just like me wasn’t about direct sales and never thought we would sign up at the same time. We chat from time to time via email and I mentioned to her I wanted to sign up but had been contemplating it.

Well it snowed in Richmond…she signed up. Our conversation got cut short, I thought she was sleep, nope. She was signing up to become a distributor. I waited until the next Friday and signed up. No I didn’t sign up because she signed up, I signed up because it was time. Two people who didn’t know the other was really interested in signing up for the company had a conversation about making extra money, not to stuff our pockets but to help others, we did it. We signed up for It Works. AND YES the products really do work.

I’m not here to sign you up for anything, but I’m here to tell you my story. And that is, I’m a mom of one kid and I really want to be that mom who is able to be the room mom without the restrictions of my 9-5, I want to be able to hand my parents cash and say go on vacation or complete the renovation you wanted, I want to be able to give away backpacks of school supplies to children in need going back to school, I want to make sure my business, EWS Consulting & Strategies, has a cushion for resources. I want to take my friends to lunch at the drop of a dime and not have to worry about anything but most of all I want the freedom to be me. I didn’t sign up for any of the other companies although they offered me freedom and money, but they didn’t understand that I have other goals. I love my team and our leaders because they don’t focus on just this business but they are there to help you with your other businesses as well and we are all business partners not just using the word to make our company sound good but really we work the business together and have fun doing it.

That’s my story, my what and why!

If you are interested in any aspect of this awesomeness let me know. I’m available at heyjocey@gmail.com or visit me at the GOALden Life


Until next time…

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