Clarity Session

Finding Clarity + Purpose in Business

In this 30 minute session, we will discuss your purpose, business and where you want to see your business grow.  This session will get the wheels turning in your mind and help you decide your next steps in business or ministry work.  You will leave this call wanting to hit the ground running and work on the vision you were given.

Clarity Session

Strategy Session

The next steps to a clearer business

This 90-minute session builds on your clarity session and allows me to deliver a step by step strategy plan that is customized and tailored to your learning and business. Understand this session is not like any other session you’ve attended it’s not a cookie cutter strategy just like the rest, no this is an actionable plan that will grow your business from the moment you begin to implement.

Strategy Session

Accountability Calls

Oh, you thought I was going to let you walk away without a follow-up? Nope. I’m fully invested in your business growth and I’m taking full responsibility to ensure you have the accountability you need and deserve. After the Strategy Session, make sure you schedule your bi-weekly accountability calls.

Accountability Call 1

Accountability Call 2

Accountability Call 3

Accountability Call 4

Brand Build + Profit

The strategy to collecting coins

There is no need to continue to spin your wheels and allow fear, procrastination, and doubt keep you from collecting the coins you need and deserve.  You owe it to yourself and your business to have a plan to help you profit to your full potential. In this VIP session, we will build a strategy and plan for your business to grow and profit.  Topics to be covered:

  • Monetization Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Sales Paths
  • Content Creation Models

When we are finished with your session you will feel empowered, have a clear picture of your what, why and who you are to serve.  Your profit plan will be completed and you will have conquered the confusion and thoughts in your mind that have kept you from gaining the clarity you needed in your business.

Investment of $997

Build Brand + Profit