Coco Chanel says a woman who cuts her hair is about to make a change or something to that effect. I cut my hair. I got restless with my hair so I cut it. Change enough? Wrong! I’m about to move and shake a whole lot of stuff around me. My hair, the bible tells me is my glory, so why cut my glory? Well I’m not going bald, here’s the thing I still have a covering and I feel that how I handle my glory (hair) dictates me. Think about it. When your hair isn’t popping, you almost can’t get right but when your hair is popping, a potato sack can be rocked like its a givenchy gown. Honey I know! I feel runway ready after I get out of the chair.


Coco Chanel Quote

So back to the hair thing.
Cutting my hair for me symbolizes a lot. The very first haircut I got, I was in middle school, my hair had broken off so I felt like a grown up, with a partially grown up cut. The next time I cut my hair I was an adult, I looked like Dora the explorer until a few weeks later when I told her to cut half of my hair off. This was my favorite style, asymmetrical (and no not a 1990s cut) this symbolized me becoming and coming into myself even more. I had dealt with a lot in my life up until that point so I cut the dead situations away. Next, I did a big chop. I just knew I was going to be natural for at least 5 years. During this time of my natural span, I wanted so desperately to lose weight and I did.  I lost almost 50 pounds and I felt fabulous.  Short lived was my natural hair and I was tired or doing hair, I also became pregnant and couldn’t get keratin treatments (my choice and my stylist agreed, didn’t want harmful fumes flying around). So, I cut my hair, I wanted to feel feminine and free, although I was carrying a baby it gave me an extra pep in my step. I told my boyfriend then I wouldn’t cut it anymore. Well that was 2 years ago, I kind of went back on my word because well the hair has gotten cut, I’m going back natural and I’m going to love, I mean love my hair.
What’s the significance of that back story? Well if you paid attention, each time I cut my hair something major or significant was happening to me. This time the purpose was because I became restless and needed a serious change. When my hair isn’t right (see above), I have to get it right. Think about your business or career, think about the ups and downs with your hair or style, did you career or business follow? Maybe/maybe not but if it did it showed how much umph you actually had and how much energy you put into yourself and your business.
No hair doesn’t make or break you but when you do drastic things with your hair, you are normally doing drastic things with your life.
If you are restless like I am (I’m not saying cut your hair) but do something, something you have been itching to do. You wanted a new tattoo, go get it, you wanted to take a random trip, stop reading and go, you want to quit your job and you have your affairs in order, quit! No matter what you’ve been wrestling with to do, do it!! Why?!?! Because 1. You deserve it 2. It will open the doors to do so much more 3. Your courage and confidence will be on 1000. It’s your choice today, take the leap or keep sitting their pondering the what ifs and go do it!
I’m serious!! Go do it, especially if you are restless, maybe your restlessness isn’t with your hair but maybe the people who surround you or draining situations in life.  Just like I cut my hair, and said bye to some situations that no longer suited me, do the same thing!  Here are the scissors, you have my permission, cut the deadweight.  You don’t need it and it doesn’t need you! I promise you this, if you cut the dead and restless situations out of your life, your life will flourish in ways you’ve never experienced.  Cut those things loose that no longer suit your is the same as cutting dead and split ends off of your hair, the trim allows you to grow.  I want you to grow. I want you to be free and most of all I want you to find your purpose and live it! I mean live like you’ve never lived before.
Live on Purpose, Be empowered


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